Cheat codes in games. Why are you invented? Hacking games!

Cheats (from the English. “Cheat” – cheat) – are created by developers to ensure ease of testing, regardless of the genre of the game. Imagine the situation: You need to test the Boss in Location A, as it would have happened without cheat codes: Would the Playester load the game and go through the whole game before this boss? And if this boss is final? Pass the whole game? In fact, cheats in games, especially at the development stage, are a necessary thing!

Cheat codes provide advantages in the gameplay with the help of measures and methods that are beyond the scope of normal gameplay. They can make the game both easier and, conversely, complicate it. Codes can be activated in the game itself (cheat codes implemented by video game programmers themselves), created using third-party software (game trainer) or hardware (for example, cheat cartridges).

Cheats can allow the player to avoid unwanted game moments. For example, I really did not like the auto-simulator in Watchdogs, and in some missions the “pursuit” of the main character by several opponents on cars was inevitable. On the one hand, it’s understandable – the gamer hacker Aiden Pearce has a lot of lotions and opportunities to hide (switch traffic lights, cause accidents, blow up hatches, raise guard spikes and so on), but it didn’t work for me. Developers can’t tick off the menu “Do not chase after me”, this is stupid. But they can provide a cheat code or, as Ubisoft did, make it a quick opportunity to get out of the pursuit and hide. In Watchdogs, it’s enough to run into the train and leave. And that turns off both cops and eliminators. The official loophole, and everyone is happy! I, with my dislike of persecution, and the rest of the players who really like it.

Bypass unwanted gaming moments with cheat codes

Or, for example, the cheat code ASPIRINE (aspirin) from GTA Vice city, which restores full health. Have you noticed that now in open world games health is restored automatically when you are not in a conflict zone? That is, in fresh games there is no Health bar at all or it appears when you fight, and when you are out of conflict – health is instantly restored. I think this is because the designers realized that it’s not interesting for the players to monitor their health.

Additional benefits are sometimes acquired through the use of software errors: this may or may not be perceived as a fraud, based on whether the error is considered to be well known.

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