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You are looking for a high performance cheat to stay undetected with or streaming or recording legit Counter Strike Global Offensive video content and gameplay and you are looking for a UI less cheat so you have no chance on accidently opening the cheats interface during stream or recording? then you just found the ideal cheat to fit your needs! The stream cheats we provide are completely UI less and the launch messages are fully customizable to allow completely hidden launches of cheats. Besides this you can ompletely disable visual features to avoid accidently starting those as well, which are wallhack ESP or radar cheats. Our undetected CSGO cheats remained undetected since release in Summer 2016 until right now.

What is Triggerbot and how does it work?

A Triggerbot is a part of our csgo cheats enabling you to automatically pull the trigger (shoot) as soon as your crosshair hits an enemy target. The triggerbot uses the information provided by the game to your system to calculate the moment when to pull the trigger.

What is an Aimbot in a CSGO hack

An aimbot, also known as automatic aim and aimlock is a feature in csgo cheats where the software aims at players automatically for you. You simply have to hold down the choosen key and let the software do its job. Aiming in first person shooters has never been easier than with our incredible csgo cheats aimbot technology. It is fast and reliable and highly customizable.



  • Aimbot On/Off Switch
  • The csgo aimbot can be switched on and off on the fly very fast and without a problem.

  • Aimbot Bone
  • The player model consists of many precise spots on a players body and you get to select it with our best csgo aimbot.

  • Aimbot Speed
  • The aimspeed is an important factor when it comes to an aimbot system in a csgo hack, you can customize it.

  • Aimbot FOV
  • The FOV is a popular parameter in aimbot customization it has to suite your preferences when csgo cheats are used.

  • Aimbot Key
  • Everybody prefers a different key to use the aimbot, even for different weapons in the game a different key is preferd.

  • Aimbot Spotted Only
  • Aimbot Movement Prediction
  • Aimbot Smooth
  • Aimbot Recoil Control


  • ESP disable/enable in cfg
  • ESP On/Off Switch
  • ESP Enemy
  • ESP Team
  • ESP Health
  • Seeing the health of an enemy is a big factor and we are happy to present it in our csgo cheats, at some point you rather make a sick kill with a nade seeing your enemy with low health.

  • ESP Stream Proof
  • Only you can see the ESP Wallhack, Boxes, Health etc. Your viewers, streaming and recording software such as OBS, Discord or NVidia Shadowplay cannot capture the ESP Cheat.

  • ESP Box
  • ESP Snapline
  • ESP Overlay
  • ESP Recoil Crosshair
  • The csgo cheat shows you where your bullet will got based on recoild so you can easily have a good spray without aimbot or knowing the spraypattern.


  • Radar Enemy
  • Radar Bomb C4


  • Triggerbot On/Off Switch
  • Triggerbot Delay
  • Triggerbot Key
  • Triggerbot Random Aftershot delay


  • Bunnyhop On/Off Switch
  • Bunnyhop Moving Only


  • Beep On Load On/Off
  • Custom/Hidden Load Messages (for streaming or LAN)
  • Multithreading
  • Disable/Enable threads in config


  • VAC
  • SMAC
  • FaceIt SSAC
  • HWID authentication
  • License Keys
  • Login/Logoff Log


You can buy our CSGO cheats for an incredible one time payment price of EUR 29.99. Please consider this is a special offer and will not last for a long time.

License Description Price
LIFETIME Cheat usage license for LIFETIME*. 29.99

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vac safe csgo cheats vac safe csgo cheats vac safe csgo cheats vac safe csgo cheats vac safe csgo cheats

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About the Game itself

CS: GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) is one of the most popular shooters of our time.

The competitive component of CS: GO is simple. Two teams: Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists must defend or attack the Patent (the place where the bomb was laid). In order to win the round, you need to kill the entire composition of the enemy team, neutralize the bomb, or make sure that the bomb exploded (if you play for terrorists). Players must purchase weapons and armor to increase their chances of winning the match.

Time in CS:GO Matches

In the official matchmaking match, Valve consists of 30 rounds. In turn, 30 rounds are divided into two halves of 15 rounds, so the team that won in 16 rounds wins. Each round lasts 2 minutes. As soon as the bomb was installed (the installation takes 3 seconds), the 45-second countdown begins at the end of which the bomb will explode. The main way to get the benefit of counter-terrorists is to dump smoke and delay time.

Time becomes an ally of terrorists in the event of a bomb. Terrorists can hold a pent (hold) and wait until the counter-terrorists try to attack the pent. Time plays a very important role, use it wisely and you will win. Terrorists must plan their game within a 15-second countdown before the start of the round, in order to take the patent and make the most efficient use of their time. Always watch the timer to know how much time you have left, no matter which side you play.

Economy and Eco rounds in cs:go

There are five types of rounds, we will consider each type for each of the parties.

1. Pistol

The game has begun. This is a pistol round. This is the most important part of the game. Why? Because usually a victory in this round allows you to easily take the next 2 rounds and sets the pace of the game. In the first round you get $ 800.

CT: Playing for CT in your team must have at least one diffuse kit for the whole team. The remaining players must buy armor and grenades. Armor helps a lot, as teams usually split or collide head-on starting to spray pistols. Since no one buys a helmet in the first round, buying other pistols at the beginning is also a good option, because pistols of the glock, usp-s, p2000 models are killed in one headshot at medium or close distances.

T: Terrorists must buy armor and grenades. Players with armor should go first and take all the damage, while players with grenades will scatter the smoke over different zones and flush. Lurkers can buy pistols in the first round to hide by killing moving CT. They will be easier having more damage and therefore it will be easier to protect the bomb. Remember, without having armor and proper shelter you will quickly merge.

2. Eco round

Eco – abbreviated economy. It is extremely important to do 2 eco rounds after losing the pistol round. This will give you full buy in the fourth round. Playing for terrorists, if you put the bomb in the first round, but could not defend it, you can save one round and fully buy in the third round, instead of the fourth. Eco round is considered to be a round in which three or more players in a team cannot afford to buy equipment, the presence of one or two players with full buy and three with eco will lead to the effect of a snowball bad economy.

You can argue that some players do half-buy. This is true, but they can quickly kill opponents with shots to the head. If you can’t do the same thing, make eco rounds better, so safer.

3. Byte

Players will save their money to prepare for a full bay one or two rounds later. During these two rounds, you can kill your opponents, collect their weapons and save them. The only thing that can prevent you from this is experienced opponents who can be smart enough to beat you. A byte of a sailing enemy on a dead team’s weapon consists of a drop of weapons, waiting for an almost defenseless enemy and the subsequent killing of this very enemy. Also, if a player with a fulbay feels his imminent death, he can throw his weapon out of the map, so that no one gets it.

4. New strategies

Here are some new techniques that professional teams use: Pistol armor. This is a round in which you buy a pistol and armor, after the pistol is merged. It may seem to you that you cannot afford full buy in the fourth round. You are mistaken. Even if you buy a gun and armor, you can make a full buy with a shortage of only one or two grenades. This technique is very useful when you want to combine. This technique will always be a good solution, except when the enemy team is in a large margin of money from yours. In this case, you should be careful and take those 1-2 grenades in the fourth round.

CT: In eco rounds, KT must play very carefully, passively and cunningly. Wait until they get to the pate, kill them from the back. All you need is a gun, smoke or a flash and maybe a diffuse kit. If you want to play aggressively you can buy grenades, shower terrorists with them and try to kill several.

T: It’s the same for Team T. You can try Rash: smoke the entrances to the tapes, build up and place a bomb, so you get money and extra time. If the team is able to communicate with each other eco rounds is not a problem. There is another tactic. You stick together and wait for impatient KTs to make a mistake and start pushing your direction of attack, you kill him and attack a weakened patch with the whole team.

5. Anti-eco

Anti-eco is a round in which the team winning the pistol round will play against a team that has an eco. Usually the winning team buys SMG, shotguns or famas / galil. Teams usually play slowly and carefully so as not to give the enemy any weapons to improve their economies and worsen their own.

CT: As it was said before, the teams should play passively and kill the saves players. If the terrorists bombed in the first round, you better buy an M4A4 or M4A1-S because the opponent will have full buy in the third round. This means you do not need to buy a stronger rifle on your side, after buying anti-eco weapons.

T: In the anti-eco rounds, the terrorists should have one Lurker to make sure that the enemy does not advance and that the rest of your team can take up positions to attack the desired client.

Light buy

There is nothing special to say. They give you armor, a cheap rifle and several grenades. You will need them when you need to get several rounds in order not to be completely destroyed (they are also called force-buy) and have a small chance of combinating to win the match. The budget of a light-buy is usually $ 3000-4000.

In-depth theory: money for the killings table

Let’s dive a bit into theory. Your money is not only yours, you must use it for the benefit of the whole team. This means buying weapons to your teammates, as long as you have the money to increase your team’s chances of winning. In CS: GO, you get paid for killing, winning or losing a round, or for disarming / setting a bomb. Now I will explain how much money you lose or receive, depending on a particular action.

Kills and weapon kill bonus

When you hover the cursor on a weapon in the purchase menu, in the statistics on the right you can see how much money you receive as a reward for killing from this weapon. In competitive mode, the standard reward is $ 300. Some weapons will give more money for the kill, some less. AWP gives 33%, that is $ 100 for the murder. All SMGs with the exception of the P90 will give 200% of the standard award of $ 600. All shotguns give 300% or $ 900.

Killing with a knife will bring you $ 1500. You will lose $ 3300 if you kill the teammate. Some players will try to quarrel between an opposing team so that they start killing each other and damage their economy. It is very difficult to do this, but with the right approach it is much easier to win a match.


If the bomb exploded or was defused, the winning team will receive $ 3,500. In addition, a bomb installed or defused will receive an additional $ 300. If all enemies were killed, the winning team will receive $ 3250. In compensation for a lost round, the losing team receives $ 1,400. If the team continues to lose, it receives 5004 on top of each previously received compensation.

1 round lost: $ 1400
Round 2 CONTRACT lost: $ 1900
Round 3 CONTRACT lost: $ 2400 and so on.

Now that you know that time is money, join me in my next guide, in which I will explain which weapon to use and not only!

*Lifetime referring to product lifetime, i.e. license lasts as long as the product is available and support is provided.

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Amazing CSGO hacks

Amazing! Its such a great CSGO hacks. They really do have a great and friendly team at Redworx. Quality, Safety and privacy are their priority and it shows. Thanks to the people at Redworx for their friendliness and evolving knowledge.

Undetected CSGO Hacks

So here I am giving my review after playing for a whole month because I don't have anything to do in quarantine lolz.. I'll just make a list with the good and not soo good. But there is actually everything good with this undetected csgo hack.Good:- The CSGO hack is undetected as I just said- The CSGO hack is also very legit looking when using aimbot- My trustfactor is still high even though I only play with this csgo cheat- My teammates think I am very good although I am cheating- My friends don't suspect me cheating because I just open the discord stream for them when I play too good. Since it's stream proof and all...- Oh yeah you don't get VAC banned since it's undetected, I can only repeat this because it'S a rare thing with all the pasted cheats out there- The price is bombastic, 30 bucks for lifetime are you mad?? This CSGO cheat is a gem!Not so good:- A day only has got 24 hours, I would love to play longer with this csgo hack :D- You have to rename your config files because you can only have one active config fileokay now go play some prime matchmaking so I can beat your ass! 😛

Quarantine squad wya??

Quarantine squad wya??

fast and reliable

Fast and reliable I love what this CSGO cheat can do.

best and safest undetected csgo private cheat

This is the best and safest undetected csgo private cheat for you!It's really great to know that I'm not being banned by vac and nothing and no-one as well as there not being any of the big headache of these relentlous and very intrusive anti-cheats that are constantly showing monitoring and only ends up just being a huge waste of money when and while I'm trying to play a match of csgo that requires a focused attention into what I'm looking at on my screen! It's worth a10-star rat. fr.

best CSGO undetected cheat

faster load times than other csgo hacks. definitely has come a long way and this undetected csgo cheat and has become my default for pretty much every match. Also is used on my main account without any issues or VAC detections for easily five months.

Great csgo hack

CSGO hack worked fine for nearly a year on my PC and still works well to this day on my computer. Great service, undetected / secure and easy to use.

just buy it

just buy it


I can't believe I actually found an undetected CSGO Cheat in 2019!!!



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