Good day, friends. Today there are much more bans from the overwatch and VAC and I am sure that each of you wants to know how to play with a decent score without receiving permanent VAC ban or Overwatch ban / Game ban. Now, let’s get down to business. The discussion will relate to BX and Trigger, because people who really do not want to lose their account and have at least a drop of skill / conscience do not use aim and similar features. Personally, I try to play without cheats, but they started with them and they really helped me to start playing better every 100 times. If you are interested, the next post will be on the topic: “How to learn a lesson from cheats and start bending without them.” We will analyze the most popular errors that are not described in the topic above.

  • When you are sitting with AWP, for example, on Mirage guarding the B plant, look from kitchen out the aps window. The enemy runs, you kill him (it doesn’t matter with your arms, legs or trigger), the second enemy runs through – you kill him. And then your teammate runs out sharply, and you didn’t even move your sight. This is a very strong fawn. Look at the radar, always look at the radar when camping with AWP. For any person, knowing that his teammate will run out of the apsa, will not sit still waiting for the kill aiming at this window, but he who does not know and before that killed 1-2 enemies there will fire at the reaction anyway. This applies to any point. When you aim and kill the enemy, and there is no one else nearby, remove the scope. A common mistake is when you specifically keep your sight longer so as not to burn, saying you don’t know that there will be no more enemies. On this radar is your salvation.
  • If you have a problem when the enemy has not yet left the wall and you are making a prefiree, then this is the solution. Try to constantly shoot empty smoke grenade, make false prefires, make false shoots and look where no one is. If the enemy has taken an unusual position that you have never seen before, move on, let him kill, try to turn around “like a reaction” after the first shot and kill him. Will explain. The same kitchen, play 10 rounds and each time go into kitchen going to the plant. Round 11 is coming, go to kitchen again, and the enemy has sat down on the left on the shelves. What do you think, if you kill him, it will cause doubt in the Overwatch? To put it mildly, yes, if before this 10 rounds you have never checked this very regiment.
  • When you see where the enemy is running Here we take the inferno card. The enemy goes to the left middle of the building towards the entrance to the apartment, you go along the middle to the banana. Never sharply change your direction to the enemy (especially the last one) when logically going to the expected point.
  • My advice to you, just great advice. You may not quite understand this advice, but let’s just say that it will help you a lot to avoid the Overwatch even when you seem to be very sleepy. Learn to throw the right smoke grenade and, ideally, learn to make a bunnyhop yourself, throw flash drives and fires. Why? Imagine the picture, running silver or Kalash, it does not matter and distributes the kills left and right. This is fawn. Often people think that the overwatch will simply decide that smurfers or boosters are playing. No, they will never decide. As soon as you learn how to properly spread smoke, flash, fire, prefire into emptiness and check emptiness, the Overwatch will be able to write off your cheating killings into your skill. If you do not do this, they will automatically deliver a negative verdict. To make it easier, study one favorite card from and to, and drive on it.
  • Never make excuses in a chat or voice that you are not a cheater. I played with the author of the cheat, Jester, and without exception everyone made the above-described errors + making excuses in the chat. I have never seen a person playing without cheats but receiving similar statements about cheating in his address begin to make excuses. Seriously, never. When there is an obvious cheater in my team, he immediately begins to make excuses. What is this advice for? To defer reporting and thereby delay the Overwatch and fucking NetVAC system. Fewer reports – profit. Say: “Thank you for the compliment,” “Finally, my skill is called cheating,” “With your hands only in the chat crap * what all the cheaters are.” It doesn’t matter, write anything, but without excuses.
  • Do not play the score, never play the score until you have completed step 4. If you see that you have a team of cheaters, or just great players who drag the game on an equal footing with the enemy or better. a) turn off the cheats for a while until suddenly they are needed to win, b) play calmly, make a frag, go merge with a specialist. They didn’t merge with skill, but did not merge with knowledge of the enemy’s position, that is, showing that you have no input.
  • 30 rounds, of which there are just a minimum of 3, there should be only 6, ideally more – you have to merge exponentially (if the score allows) if you want to play more aggressively with cheats so that if you accidentally make a mistake you are charged for varnish, skill or that, but definitely not for cheats. It is significant to merge die from a bullet in the back or better in the side. It is necessary to merge, for example, 2 in the game, 2 in randomly, 2 at the end.

Don’t be afraid

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